Carleton SFA Reunion

Carleton SFA Logo

We had an all-class reunion on April 2-5, 2015 for the Science Fiction (and Fantasy) Alliance at Carleton College, and its predecessor the Doctor Who Club, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the club. 46 SFA alums attended, along with several pre-SFA Carleton alums and a number of children of alums. We had a good time.

Special thanks to Matt and Kelly Strait, and to Minicon 50, for hosting us.

Special thanks to Chris and Kate Johnson for supplying food and extensive help all around.

Special thanks to Mike & Bess Borchert for bringing their band, Bad September.

Thanks to Mec Scharding and Mark Heiman for creating Gatorr, which everyone enjoyed watching, and thanks to Aric Stewart and Christie Howard for the live commentary.

Thanks to Linnea Johnson for creating the club. Thanks to Blake Bramhall Scherer & Karen Swanberg for creating the club's name and logo (which we used extensively).

And thank you to everyone who came.

If anyone wants to organize another SFA all-class reunion, I'm happy to help share 'lessons learned' -- you can still email me, Nathanael Nerode, at admin (at) Our Facebook group is still operating and provides another place to discuss future plans.

Photo of 2015 Reunion

Photo of 2015 All-Class Reunion, taken by Kate Johnson

This isn't everyone who attended; some people missed the photo. Thanks to Kate Johnson for the photography.